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Our Story

Karen and Sheri Wolfe are sisters-in-law in “middlecence,” a transitional period where their children have launched and they have left their previous careers. They wanted to start a business with their daughters Layne and Jamie that would give back in a meaningful way.

The Beginning

There was a time when Karen’s mom was fighting a long battle with cancer at The MD Anderson Cancer Center far from her home and family. She received cards and flowers from friends and family. Yet, many times flowers had to be refused.

While cards were greatly appreciated, there was little room for display near her bed where she could see and continue to enjoy them. They tried putting them on the wall for display, but they were too small to be seen from her bed.

Days and months rolled by and she was moved to many different rooms. Greetings became less frequent. Flowers were tossed and cards shuffled away.

During her stay, Karen was fortunate that she could be there with her Mom. She watched as many patients far from their homes and loved ones had few or no visitors. She often saw visitors come that couldn’t stay long, and they would leave feeling sad and guilty.

Patients had very few things that brought them joy, hope or happiness. It was here that the idea of a large greeting that sticks was born. We wanted to create a message that could be personalized with special photos and sentiments. A stick-able message that would bring lasting joy.

Why StickeGreets

During this process, Sheri’s dad became ill and was in the hospital for a couple of months. He also was moved from room to room and unable to receive flowers. The rooms were dark and gloomy. It was then that we printed our very first StickeGreet and sent it to Sheri’s dad. It was a greeting that contained three photos of his family. Seeing those photos lit up his face with a big smile, and he continued to enjoy them. The staff that came to his room and saw it on the wall loved it, asking how they too could order a StickeGreet.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have graphic designer Linda Singer on our team. Linda has been with us from the start and designs most of our cards. She shares our commitment to sharing joy through each StickeGreet.

“Designing for StickeGreets has become my passion.” Linda says. "I worked on the first StickeGreet for Sheri’s dad when he was ill, and immediately understood the power of combining photos, personal text and the card itself. With each StickeGreet we make, we know we’re brightening someone’s day.

Your StickeGreet can be small, medium or large. It can include a message of joy, hope, encouragement, congratulations and celebration of love and can stick to any surface. Save the original backing and it can be moved from room to room.

Our intention is to spread happiness and hope one StickeGreet at a time.

StickeGreets is giving back! A percentage of each StickeGreet will be donated to various organizations. If there is a project you are passionate about, please let us know.

StickeGreets…dedicated to “Nanny” and “Rocky” with love