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How to Apply your StickeGreet

Creating Your StickeGreet


Applying your StickeGreet

StickeGreet Installation   
  • Start with unrolling your greet!!
  • Take a moment to decide where you want it to live (wall*, door, window, wherever YOU want.)
  • Is your surface clear of dust?! (Maybe wipe it down with a dry cloth?!)
  • Corners first! Separate the fabric from the backing, and press down on the top corner.
  • Keep peeling the back off and while pressing down and gently smooth out your greet.
  • Ensure it’s smooth and flat! If there are a few wrinkles, no worries, just peel it off and gently reapply! (be sure to keep the backing just in case you want to move it later on!)



Team StickeGreets!


*Please note that Stickegreets won't stick on low VOC paints or walls that were painted in the last 30 days.